Marlec Rutland Accessories


Rutland Accessories

Along with the windchargers there are a variety of accessories and batteries available.

A Rutland Marine Mounting Pole and separately supplied Stays Kit give a professional finish to your installation.

Charge Regulator – Choose one of the latest technology PWM (pulse width modulation) regulators available for single or dual battery charging. Both types undertake multistage charging and include temperature compensation to maximise the battery capacity. As the batteries achieve full charge these regulators automatically and progressively brake the blades minimising unnecessary wear on the wind turbine. An input position for solar panels up to maximum capacity of 160W (@25°C) is included.

Shutdown switch to isolate wind and solar charging from the battery is built in. The regulator should be located within a 1.5m cable run of the battery bank.

Batteries – Our off-grid team will be able to specify a battery to suit your needs.