Brighton 11.6kW case study

Working along with another local Solar Company, Sunstore Ltd, we completed this seaside installation at the start of 2020.

We were asked to supply and assist with the installation of an 11.6kW flat roof installation on Brighton sea front.

Using our TRIC F Duo solar PV mounting system we installed 305W JA Solar modules in an offset East/ West configuration. On this occasion this configuration was chosen as the amount of solar able to fit in the available roof space was greater than the losses from not using a directly south system.

Our TRIC F Duo solar mounting is a very versatile way of mounting. For this installation it our team dug out the single on the roof in order to lay the mounting. This is preferable to laying it directly onto stones. This also ensured a good looking finish as the system looks as though it rises from the stones on the roof.

Cabling management was also an important factor for the end client. To ensure that the cabling didn’t detract from the stylish finish of the building we worked with owners to agree on the best route for the cables, hiding them as much as possible.
The system is managed by a Solis 10kW three-phase inverter with added WiFi capability to allow the end client full visibility of how the system is performing. As this is a cafe as well as sports facility the overall power consumption of the property will be reduced with the aid of the solar.


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