Skyline Skyinv S Hybrid


Skyinv S Hybrid

Skyline S series single-phase hybrid inverter. This small unit is capable of powerful things;

  • 9kWp PV input to maximize the rooftop resource
  • AC power is settable from 3kW to 6kW, which makes one generic inverter suitable for various applications
  • Up to 8 inverters can be connected in parallel
  • In case of off-grid, the backup AC output provides the same 100% full power as the on-grid state
  • Built-in EPS function, which reduces the external EPS/ATS box to save cost and reduce installation time
  • DC and AC coupled applications, which makes it ready for new and retrofit projects
  • Fully compatible with SkyBatt LFP battery to make an all-in-one or standalone Energy Storage System
  • SkyInv is ready for both on-grid and off-grid applications, providing a continuous power supply for the home
GoodWe EM Hybrid


EM Hybrid

GoodWe’s EM series of hybrid inverters have all the great technology found in the ES series but is smaller and more compact.

Compatible with both grid-tied (on-grid) and off-grid PV systems the inverter intelligently controls the flow of energy. The inverter acts quickly to changes in demand and supply to divert surplus electricity produced to charge batteries, and releases this stored energy when it is needed, for example at night. Additionally the grid can also be used to charge storage devices via the inverter (UPS function).

Solar production and battery status can be tracked through GoodWe’s free online portal; SEMS (Smart Energy Management System) (Wi-Fi enabled inverters only).

For a retrofit solutions we also stock the GoodWe SBP, with the GoodWe ET series for 3 phase systems.

All inverters in the GoodWe EM range are G98 certified. The inverters come with 5 years warranty with the option to purchase extended warranties.

SolaX X1 Hybrid G4


X1 Hybrid G4

Experience the unrivalled power of SolaX’s advanced fourth generation hybrid Inverter, combining efficiency, safety, and intelligence, with a simplified design for easy installation.

Benefit from exceptional features such as up to 200% PV oversizing, high charging and discharging efficiency, and built-in shadow tracking as well as;

  • IP65 Rating
  • Integrated SPD (Surge Protection Device)
  • Lithium-ion & Lead-acid battery compatible
  • 5 work modes, 2 charging periods available

3 phase solutions are also available on request.

Solis Hybrid



Solis Hybrid range of energy storage inverters. These range from 3kW to 6kW, wi-fi can be added using the Solis data logging stick. They are compatible with a range of battery solutions, most popular being the PylonTech range. Features of the Hybrid range include:

  • Uninterrupted power supply, 20ms reaction
  • 5kW backup power to support more important loads
  • Multiple working modes to make maximize self-consumption, increase benefit
  • AFCI protection, proactively reduces fire risk
  • Fan-less design, long lifespan
  • Compatible with lithium & lead-acid batteries, increased more choice in different markets
  • Intelligent EMS function, improving battery’s reliability
  • 24-hour fully intelligent energy management, Real-time grasp of PV plant status

Larger Hybrid inverters are available, including three-phase and High Voltage solutions

GivEnergy Hybrid



It can be coupled directly with solar panels to generate usable electricity in the property, as well as storing any excess energy for later use in a battery. The Hybrid Inverter aims to minimise export by storing excess energy in the battery during generation hours. Additionally it will minimise import by discharging to meet demand in the property.

  • 7.5kWp Max. DC Power
  • 5000W Nominal AC Output Power
  • IP65 Rating
  • Dimensions 410H x 210D x 480W (mm)
  • 5 Year Warranty

Other inverter sizes are available. Discuss you needs with our team for a bespoke quotation.

Solis 3kW AC Coupled


3kW AC Coupled

Solis energy storage inverter for AC coupled battery connection. An AC coupled inverter is a great way for connecting storage to existing solar PV systems without the need to replace the current inverter. It can also be used on new systems. Some features of the Solis RAI range are:

• Uninterrupted power supply, 20ms reaction
• Compatible with both lead-acid battery and li-ion battery
• Compatible with any existing grid-tied PV system, option to upgrade
• Off-grid backup function
• EPS function
• Intelligent EMS function
• Natural cooling without external fan

GoodWe SBP AC Coupled


SBP AC Coupled

The GoodWe SBP series is an AC-Coupled battery retrofit solution.

Designed as a solution for adding battery storage to existing solar PV systems without having to replace the current inverter. The SBP series has the added bonus of a UPS function which works on both single and three phase systems. It can effectively upgrade any existing string inverter solar renewables system to having battery storage and backup. Capable of being either grid-interactive or independent, it allows the user to store surplus generated power for later use, or to use in the event of a grid failure.

The SBP inverter is also WiFi ready which allows monitoring and system visibility through the GoodWe SEMS portal, as well as remote software upgrades.

All inverters in the GoodWe SBP range are G98 certified. The inverters come with 5 years warranty with the option to purchase extended warranties.

SolaX  X1 AC & X1 Fit


X1 AC & X1 Fit

AC coupled retrofit solutions from SolaX. Designed to simply fit into any property, as a stand along storage solution, or as part of a wider renewables set up e.g. Solar PV. AC Coupled solutions from SolaX have a range of features to ensure a safe and highly efficient system.

The retrofit solutions come in 2 ranges, the X1 AC and X1 Fit. Both solutions are fully compatible with the T-Batt from SolaX. These are single phase units.

X1 AC – 3kW / 3.6kW / 4.6kW / 5kW

X1 FIT G4 – 3.7kW / 4.6kW / 5kW / 6kW / 7.5kW


3 phase AC Coupled solutions are also available. Talk to one of the team for more information.

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