myenergi eddi



eddi is an energy management system. Designed for use with grid tied solar PV or wind turbine systems it diverts excess energy to heat water or rooms in the home rather than exporting excess generated energy to the grid.

The unit works by using a CT clamp around the incoming supply (or the harvi unit which performs this role and transmits wirelessly), this monitors excess power and automatically adjusts the voltage to the heater load.
An internal expansion interface provides a means to add an expansion module to enable various functions such as auto switching from day-time and night-time supply, heat pump interfacing for legionella control and temperature sensing. eddi utilises myenergi’s proprietary VariSineTM technology to ensure compliance with worldwide power grid standards.

myenergi harvi



harvi is a clever little device that allows the zappi and eddi to be installed without a wired CT clamp. The CT connects to the harvi which in turn wirelessly transmits live data to the other myenergi products.
The harvi also harvests energy from the CT so there is no need for batteries or power supply.

marlec iBoost



Marlec’s innovative Solar iBoost+ enables you to automatically use the excess energy generated by your solar array increasing your self consumption so you can just sit back and enjoy the extra savings!

With Solar iBoost+ fitted you will:

  • cut the cost of water heating in your home;
  • reduce the use of your boiler; and
  • maximise the use of the free solar energy generated at your property.

The popular immersion control device from Marlec, iBoost+, automatically diverts surplus energy to heat hot water, and has a boost function for manual override. The system works with a wireless sender so there is no need to run large lengths of cable.

An optional extra, the iBoost Buddy allows you to see your homes energy usage on a handy clear screen.

Switchgear Isolators



AC and DC isolators.

We hold a range of isolators in stock, but we are able to get larger isolators on quick delivery turnaround.

In addition to these we are able to specify and design bespoke systems, including protection switches in bespoke enclosures, G59 Panels & Cabinets.

Our standard range;

  • AC Isolator 100A
  • AC Isolator 80A 4 Pole
  • AC Isolator 63A 4 Pole
  • AC Isolator 40A 4 Pole
  • AC Isolator 32A 4 Pole
  • AC Isolator 20A 4 Pole
  • DC Isolator 1000V 32A
  • DC Isolator 500V 32A

For more information, or to discuss a large scale / bespoke project please contact one of the team.

Various Generation Meters


Generation Meters

Essential for most solar installations. We have a range of total generation meters in stock for single, and three phase systems. As well as the standard meters we hold in stock, we are able to source and quote specific meters for any installation depending on specification, for example high current meters, GSM (SIM card enabled) meters for remote monitoring.

Our standard range;

  • EmLite Single Phase meter
  • Iskra Three Phase meter
  • GSM Meters (For remote monitoring – by order only)

For full information, other metering requirements, or prices please contact one of the team.

Various Cable & Connectors


Cable & Connectors

We hold standard DC solar cable in stock ready for next day dispatch. We also have a range of MC4 Connectors, cable ties and conduit available.


  • 4mm Solar DC Cable (100m or 500m drum)
  • 6mm Solar DC Cable (100m or 500m drum)
  • Steel Wire Armoured Cable (various sizes)
  • Aluminium Armoured Cable (various sizes)
  • Battery Cables (various)


  • MC4 Compatible Pairs (in stock)
  • Staubli MC4 Branded Connectors
  • Other connectors – Please discuss with a team member

We are also able to supply a large range of different cables and connections depending on specification for individual projects. To discuss your project needs get in touch with one of the team who will be able to assist in calculating and quoting cable for you.

Wagner Renewables Labelling

Wagner Renewables


To ensure solar PV systems meet regulations we have a range of warning labels.

These include;

  • Solar PV warning label set
  • Solar PV on roof sticker
  • DC cable warning labels

In our battery storage range we also have;

  • DC battery storage warning label set (for off grid installations)
  • Standard AC & DC coupled battery warning label set

Our stickers are printed on a high tack, high quality vinyl with a protective gloss laminate overlay.

PestFix Pest Exclusion Kit


Pest Exclusion Kit

Ensure pigeons and other birds cant roost under solar panels by adding a physical barrier around the array. The plastic clips simply clip onto the edge of solar panels without voiding the warranty, a disk then slides on to hold the mesh in place. Our pest exclusion kit includes 30m of galvanised steel mesh, 60 UV resistant clips, wire cutters, and cable ties.

We are also able to supply black mesh for pest exclusion.

Wagner Renewables Solar Pest Mesh Clips

Wagner Renewables

Solar Pest Mesh Clips

The Wagner Renewables Pest Clip has been developed in response to recent changes in the profile of solar PV module frames. The clip is designed to fit onto the frame of most 30mm solar PV modules.

The clip is designed to ‘grab’ the mesh and hold it securely against the solar PV module frame. Coloured black these clips blend in with the module frames and go well with the black solar pest mesh. We have produced these in two different sizes to fit the frame returns of most modules.

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