International Renewable Energy Solutions

With years of experience in the renewables market Wagner Renewables are proud to support international projects. Our expert team have the experience to ship goods almost anywhere in the world, to date we have shipped goods to Dubai, Ghana, Iceland, mainland Europe, America and the Seychelles.

Whether you are looking for just the goods to be shipped, or full dimensioning support and training we are happy to help. We can design and supply on and off grid systems, backup systems plus control systems to work with grid, PV and diesel generators. Systems from small domestic to several megawatts all are possible, subject to requirements and financing.

Export Services

Our dedicated export team are always on hand to help.

Whether you would like just a few small parts shipped across the globe, or multiple containers containing everything you need to install several large solar projects, we can get the goods to you! You specify the parts you need, and we take care of the picking, packing and shipping. Working closely with several freight and transport companies we have a range of options available.

Project Assistance

Need that extra bit of assistance with your international project? We can help. Our technical team can design and build up a solar system for you, with all the relevant loading calculations. Working closely with our install team we can then upscale this to installation and project management, either from the UK or with our team coming to you. Alternatively we can provide the parts and initial installation as hands-on training to up-skill you and your team in installing solar.

Where possible we always aim to work with local companies to ensure that projects are supporting the local community, whether this is using local workers for an install or setting up a trained partnership to install future projects. Keeping local companies involved increases confidence with prospective companies, and ensures there’s always someone local to talk to.

Funding Options for International Projects

There a few options for being able to support and fund international projects, from a straightforward sale of goods where you buy and we ship, to support packages.

Credit Finance means we supply the goods for you to install and this is paid off in regular monthly instalments. With PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements) we can supply and install the solar array, in return you buy your electricity off of us, after a set term (usually 20 years) the installation is yours, there is the option to purchase the solar array at any point.

Do you have an international project requiring solar energy? If so we can help.