MCS approved installation

Wagner Renewables are an MCS approved installer of Solar Photovoltaic systems, Battery Storage, and ROLEC registered to install electric vehicle charging points.

We offer both domestic and commercial installations. Our trained engineers will discuss with you about how much energy you use, and how much solar you would like, tailoring a solar PV system to suit your requirements, whether that is a small system to offset your electricity bills or a large system capable of powering a business, as well as the way your solar array will look.

Solar PV Installation

So how does it work? Solar panels turn energy from the sun into DC electricity; this is then converted by an InverterĀ into AC electricity so you can use it in your home. The panels are easy to install and are fitted to a mounting system to secure them to your roof, they can also be placed on a flat roof, or even ground mounted in your garden.

One of our install team will visit you to discuss the options available, take measurements and provide a free no obligation quote. Once the system has been installed at a time suitable for you, we will take care of any paperwork including registering you for the FIT (Feed-In-Tariff) scheme. All systems come with a 2 year workmanship warranty (product warranties may vary).

Battery Storage Installation

Our installation team are fully trained and experienced in adding battery storage to new or existing solar systems.
With a vast range of storage systems to choose from our technical team have been trained to ensure the right options are there for you. We will never offer a system that is too large, or unsuitable for your energy needs.
Most batteries require only a small amount of work to install, we will usually visit you to discuss the options and the best place for the battery to go. Our show room also has an array of battery storage systems, feel free to pop by and have a look!

Servicing and Maintenance

If your solar array is over 5 years old we recommend having a service to ensure that it is still safe and performing well. All our servicing is carried out by our in-house electrical engineer. A standard service includes a visual check of the solar array, its panels, mounting system and cabling. Full electrical checks are carried out; the isolators are inspected as well as the inverter. A certificate will be provided saying that the system has been inspected and has passed. Any repairs needed will be discussed before the work is undertaken.

As part of our service and maintenance we recommend a clean of the array, this is an optional add on that can be quoted for. Panels are cleaned with a pure water system designed for solar panels.


Sometimes things go wrong! In the first instance we always recommend that you approach the company that first installed the system, however if this is not possible we are always more than happy to help.

Our engineers will come out and perform a fault investigation, in some cases repairs can be quoted for and the issue rectified whilst our engineer is with you, otherwise a quote will be provided and we can come out and get your system up and running again, ensuring you are back to generating power and saving on your bills.

Interested in solar PV? Talk to one of our solar energy specialists today.