TRIC A (On Roof)


A (On Roof)

Our on-roof racking system offers individual solutions to all requirements.

Our TRIC mounting system can be fitted to almost any roof. For conventional tiled roofs we often use P-Brackets, with several variants dependent on tile type. We can also provide flashing kits to ensure weather tightness. TRIC ‘BE’ or ‘KA’ Hanger bolts can be used on barn or factory roofs, with a plethora of sizes available we offer hanger bolts for both steel and wood substrates. For trapezoidal roofs we offer the TR Fix mounting solution please see the separate product page here; TRIC TR Fix.

The TRIC range is MCS012 certified for Pitched Roof Installation, our certificate can be found here; IK0193 Wagner Renewables


MCS number; MCS IK0193.



TR Fix

Rapid mounting for ‘shed’ or trapezoidal sheet metal roofs in combination with the TRIC clip. Options for short rail segments, or continuous rails, with sheet metal screws, or rivets make this a quick and versatile mounting solution.

The rail comes pre-cut in 395mm lengths, with pre-drilled holes for fast and easy installation. TR Fix De-Luxe comes with neoprene pads pre-stuck as standard, these are larger pads than the original TR Fix pads. As the TR Fix De-Luxe is a significant upgrade this will now be our standard solution for sheet metal roofs.
The modules are held in place using the TRIC Clip fastening system which is compatible with the TR Fix rails, and simply click into place and then tightened to secure the solar module.

TR Fix is MCS012 approved for pitched roof installations; IK0193 Wagner Renewables.

MCS number; MCS IK0193.

TRIC TR Fix Compact


TR Fix Compact

Introduced in 2022 the TR Fix compact is TRIC’s latest solution for trapezoid sheet metal roofs. The TR Fix Compact complements our current range with its landscape mounting solution.

The short rails work in the same way as our current TR Fix, fully compatible with our TRIC Clip module clamps. Instead of running across the trapezoid sheets these run down the ridge of the roof covering. As the TR Fix compact has not yet been through MCS 012 testing it’s a great solution for large scale deployment over 50kW.



F Duo

A highly flexible and compact mounting system for all conventional flat roofs. The sophisticated system combines low material use, easy assembly and short rail lengths to facilitating handling. This reduces costs and increases profitability.

TRIC F Duo is our latest flat roof mounting and is suitable for most panel sizes, using the TRIC Clip to fasten the modules in place and range of frame heights can also be accommodated. The system is primarily ballast mounted using ballast to load the base rails, back sheet or the additional bar set available, however in some cases the system can be permanently fixed.

The TRIC F Duo comes in 4 variations;

10° Duo South.
10° Duo East / West.

10° Duo South XL
10° Duo East / West XL

Wagner Renewables Bespoke Design

Wagner Renewables

Bespoke Design

Our technical design team are trained to use a range of industry leading design tools to design systems to meet your exact needs.

When using our TRIC Mounting we recommend utilising our free design service to get the correct loadings and system for your project. Our SunOptimo design tool is specific to the TRIC mounting and can produce reports giving you bracket spacings, or ballast loading amounts specific to your roof. These are also backed by our indemnity insurance, giving your and your customer peace of mind.

If you would like a bespoke design and quotation please complete the form by clicking ‘DESIGN’ below.

TRIC A-Frames



The TRIC F racking system combines top quality materials, intelligent detail solutions and a well thought out overall concept. Special attention was paid in its development in various racking situations. Flat or sloping roofs or a challenging variation like diagonal installation on sloping roofs are not an issue for these versatile A-Frames. Designed for permanent fixing we offer a range of fixing solutions, for details of the best solution please talk to one of our technical design team.

TRIC A-Frames come in 2 main variations of varying pitches;

Landscape mounting;
TRIC F Quer – pitch variation 18°-43°.

Portrait mounting;
TRIC F 15 – pitch variation 15°-22°.
TRIC F 30 – pitch variation 22°-38°.
TRIC F 45 – pitch variation 38°-60°.


Various Standing Seam


Standing Seam

We are able to source mounting solutions for almost all standing seam, rolled seam and kalzip style roofs.

Our technical design team are well practiced in designing systems for almost all seam roof styles having completed design and supply contracts for installations into the hundreds of kilowatts.

For these style roofs we call upon a range of suppliers including;

  • Schletter
  • Renusol
  • Euroclad
  • S5
  • TRIC

For more information, a design, or quotation please contact one of our sales team today.

TRIC Flex 4


Flex 4

The premium grade aluminium and stainless steel greenfield mounting system reduces your project costs on many levels: material, transportation and labour time. It is exceptionally versatile – even on difficult terrain. Ground mount systems in any size.

TRIC Flex 4 can be used for small arrays but designed for large scale power projects, this four tier racking system provides a strong and stable platform for PV modules. The Flex 4 mounting rail is designed to work with the TRIC Clip to hold the panels in place.

Because of the versatile design of this mounting system please discuss your requirements with one of our technical design team who will be able to help plan the system for you.

TRIC Container Solutions


Container Solutions

Container mounting solutions from Wagner Renewables.

We have a range of mounting solutions for standard shipping containers (20ft and 40ft), bespoke solutions can also be designed using our TRIC A-Frames, and even using our TRIC Flex 4. Smaller 10ft container solutions can also be quoted for.
The mounting solutions include both South facing and East / West systems, and come in scalable kits, usually starting from 4 modules, up to a maximum of 24 modules on a 40ft container. As well as the Solar PV kits for top mounting we can also quote for any necessary parts such as inverters, batteries, controls, and associated parts. These are designed to be retro-fitted to storage containers or re-purposed shipping containers.

If required we can provide a partially installed container. this will include all if the electronics mounted ready for simple plug and play set up with all of the mounting and modules inside of the container ready to install when on site, these can be shipped internationally. This will require the purchase of a container and any necessary paperwork if shipping is needed.

For prices and more information please talk to one of our design team.

GSE GSE Integration


GSE Integration

GSE in-roof have stayed ahead of the market with an ever evolving mounting system. Their new two-piece universal frame allows a range of the latest modules to be mounted inline with the tiles on pitched roofs.

Designed and manufactured in France, the GSE IN-ROOF SYSTEM is certified by various European bodies. Reliable and resistant, it has been designed to offer the same resistance and longevity as normal roof coverings like tiles, slates or zinc :

  • Resistance to fire
  • Completely waterproof: ensures complete weathertightness of the PV system and the roof
  • Optimal ventilation
  • Impact resistance

Our team is trained to design and specify all the parts you need to complete a GSE project.

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