Chichester. Two 1.3kW systems. case study

Details per system:

System Size; 1.3kW

Cost; £2110

Projected annual generation; 1460kWh

Projected annual Co2 Savings; 675kg

Projected energy savings; £118

Projected export income; N/A

Projected annual savings; £118

We were contacted by a local resident who wanted to explore the possibility of having solar installed on half of a new car port roof. Having completed the designs and discussed this with her, her neighbours were also interested in having solar installed on their half. As a result we’ve managed to install an 8 module system totalling 2.6kW which is split into two sets of 4 modules (1.3kW each). Both of these arrays feed into Solis inverters, and both properties also have a Solar iBoost installed to increase self-consumption and further reduce bills by diverting any surplus electricity to heat water.

We’re quote proud of thses little installs, being able to install both arrays at the same time made it much easier both in terms of labour and also with being able to fit the array in the available space. We were also able to mirror the installs for an aesthetically pleasing finish.

The modules used are JA Solar 325W modules, a high wattage, high efficiency solar panel from a  tier one manufacturer. These are fitted to the car ports using our TRIC A mounting system.

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