Putney 6kW case study

System Size; 6kW

Cost; £10,900

Projected annual generation; 4300kWh

Projected annual Co2 Savings; 2015kg

Projected energy savings; £480

Projected tariff (FIT) income; £165

Projected export income; £114

Projected annual savings; £760

6kW of solar was mounted on a low pitch standing seam roof. For this we used our TRIC mounting with standing seam clamps to create a non-penetrative solar racking.
The modules used on this install were the Peimar 300W.  A cost effective, but still very good looking all black module, with 30 years warranty. Each module was optimised with Tigo Optimisation, this was partly due to the low angle, but also to negate any string shading effects from the building, roof furniture, and a large tree in an adjacent garden.

With a view to reduce their bills as much as possible our customer chose to also have battery storage fitted. For this we used Pylontech batteries, totaling 7.2kWh of storage capacity. The solar, and batteries are all controlled by a GoodWe EM hybrid inverter, this comes with WiFi to allow full viability of the solar generation, battery state of charge, and energy flow throughout the property.

The infrastructure to add an electric vehicle charger was also put in place so when the time is right an EV charger can be easily installed.



Thank you all for your care and the solar installation- on this glorious sunny morning great to see all 20 panels sunbathing! And the dials down in the basement reflecting the activity. Very professional and excellent service from my first enquiry through estimate measuring delivery and fitting installation.

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