West Wittering 8.5kW Hybrid case study

System Size; 8.5kW

Cost; £13,300

Projected annual generation; 8907kWh

Projected annual Co2 Savings; 4116kg

Projected energy savings; £1020

Projected export income; N/A

Projected annual savings; £1020


This install saw all of our installers come together to complete this large domestic installation. This installation was part of a renovation which included various building works and has been an ongoing project for a while. Part of these works included running the DC power cables in preparation for the solar to be installed.

With 27 JA Solar 315W modules installed this system totals 8.5 kWp across 2 separate roofs. The JA Mono 315W modules is a high wattage, high efficiency module, with a balck frame and the black mono cells they’re also a good looking solar panel.
The first array consisted of 6 modules on the garage roof, these are all optimised using the Tigo Optimisation system, this ensures that each modules is working at its best, as well as negating any negative string issues such as shading.

The next part of the install was on the main house roof, an install that had its challenges due to the pitch and also the roof itself. Extra care had to be teken as the roof was made of old clay tiles which are very brittle. The solar on this roof was split into two separate areas, a large area of 14 panels and an area of 7 modules. The area of 7 modules as had Tigo optimisation installed to counteract any shading effects.

The arrays all fed back into 2 Solis 3.6kW inverters. Also installed, and key to the install was the battery storage system.

To meet the power requirements an AC coupled battery system was installed. This was achieved using a GoodWe SBP 5kW Battery inverter combined with 3 2.4kWh Pylontech batteries. Due to the size of the system and the battery inverter used we had to put an application in to the DNO for permission to connect the system to the grid.
A total battery capacity of 7.2kWh means the payback period of this installation is relatively low. The whole system and our customers power usage will be monitored with the option to add further battery storage in the future.

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