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zappi 22kw 3ph Untethered Smart-eco


myenergi V2 zappi 22kw 3ph Untethered EV Charger Black/white

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myenergi V2 zappi 22kw 3phase Untethered EV Charger Black/white.

zappi is an EV charger with a difference. Not only does it operate as a standard EV charger, but it also has optional charging modes to utilise 100% green energy generated from your Solar PV or wind generation. To maximise usage of the energy produced by their solar or wind source, surplus energy can be automatically diverted to an electric vehicle. If you don?t have solar panels installed, the zappi will still operate as a standard EV charger harnessing power from the grid.

This future proof, intelligent electric car charger was conceived, evolved, and manufactured right here in the UK.

zappi has special eco charging modes designed the benefit homeowners with a grid-tied renewables system, e.g. solar PV or wind. The charging current is continually adjusted in response to the on-site generation and property power consumption, this all happens automatically. In FAST charge mode the zappi works like an ordinary EV charging point.

The latest versions of the zappi come with the myenergi hub pre-installed as well as the tamper kit to ensure it is fully compliant with the latest UK Electric Vehicle (Smart Charge Points) Regulations.
Weight 6.5 kg
Dimensions 59 × 39.5 × 21 cm



Black, White

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