GoodWe SBP AC-Coupled Rerofit


SBP AC-Coupled Rerofit

The GoodWe SBP series is an AC-Coupled battery retrofit solution.

Designed as a solution for adding battery storage to existing solar PV systems without having to replace the current inverter. The SBP series has the added bonus of a UPS function which works on both single and three phase systems. It can effectively upgrade any existing string inverter solar renewables system to having battery storage and backup. Capable of being either grid-interactive or independent, it allows the user to store surplus generated power for later use, or to use in the event of a grid failure.

The SBP inverter is also WiFi ready which allows monitoring and system visibility through the GoodWe SEMS portal, as well as remote software upgrades.

All inverters in the GoodWe SBP range are G98 certified. The inverters come with 5 years warranty with the option to purchase extended warranties.

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