Solar PV Pest Control


PV Pest Control

An increasingly common problem for home owners is pests and birds residing underneath solar PV arrays. Our pest exclusion kit prevents pests from getting beneath the panels. With its simple clip on design the wire mesh attaches to the module frames forming a physical barrier to wildlife. The UV resistant plastic clips are designed in a way that the module warranty will not be voided, unlike other systems that use screws to drill into the frames. The kits come with 30m of galvanised steel mesh, 60 clips and a pair of wire cutters.

  • Innovative system designed specifically to keep birds out from under solar arrays
  • Patent pending SolarFix plastic clips are UV stable and won’t scratch anodised frames of solar panels
  • SolarFix clips are recommended every 450mm (18 inches) 2 clips on short edge 3 clips on long edge
  • SolarFix clips bind the mesh to the panels without drilling holes or damaging the system
  • Nearly invisible from the ground
  • A product that is fast easy & highly effective, making solar panel bird exclusion straight forward