Tigo TS4-A-O



The TS4-A-O is a Retrofit or Add-on universal base. The TS4-A-O addresses the need for a retrofit solution that can be mounted on any existing installed PV system, connected into the existing PV module JBox, improving energy harvesting, greater flexibility, and increased control over project to the existing PV system. The offering for the retrofit project is composed of a two-piece solution: the TS4-R base, which is added on the solar module, and its covers, plug-and-play Flex MLPE which can be swapped in and out*. It supports any of the TS4 Platform functional covers. It can also be designed into a new system. The Tigo system works the panel to its very maximum, improving efficiency in combination with removing any negative string effects such as shading. Full individual module monitoring is also available through the Tigo app or secure online portal.

*We hold stock of the TS4-A-O. The ‘Optimisation’ unit comes pre-assembled ready for installation. The ‘O’ cover combines all the benefits of Optimistaion, Safety and Monitoring (when used with optional communications).

Tigo has released its latest version of the SMART App allowing installers to set up and commission Tigo systems on site without the need for mapping Tigo optimised arrays before heading out to site. For Tigo support please see the Tigo website or call one of the Wagner Team.

Tigo can be bought as a full specified kit or as the individual components;

  • Optimisers
  • CCA – Cloud Connect Advanced (inc’ Access Point)
  • Tigo Access Point (Separate)
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