Bersted Parish Council case study

For this job we were asked to remove the solar array to enable a roofing company to replace the roof on the Bersted Parish Council hall in Bognor Regis.

To keep costs down the council asked that we re-use the mounting system, and as they are on a Feed In Tariff no other parts could be replaced. Our installation team carefully removed all the parts and put them in the on-site storage.

Once ready we returned and re-installed the brackets allowing the roofers to tile around them before completing the installation with the rest of the mounting and the solar panels. Although we didn’t do the original installation the mounting system, TRIC, was supplied by us, this allowed us to replace the clamps. Replacing the clamps, some rail links, and using new screws ensured that the system was completely safe and there wouldn’t be any issues with replacing existing parts.

Once completed the installation was checked to ensure it was up and running again.

Part of this job also included a full solar PV service and the installation of a Solar iBoost, this was in place of a thermal solar array which was also removed by ourselves working with another local company specializing in solar thermal – EcoHi Solar. The solar iBoost is a device that works with solar PV to divert surplus energy to heat water.

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