Skyline Hybrid & AC Coupled Storage


Hybrid & AC Coupled Storage

Skyline is a smart range of inverters & modular batteries.

The inverters which can take up to 9kWp of solar PV on either 3.6kW or 6kW units are designed to work with the Skyline batteries. These batteries are modular, coming in 5.1kWh units over 30kWh of storage can be connected to each inverter.

The system can be installed as a stack, this is made easier by utilising the pre-wired electrical connection box. All units are IP65 rated, so they can be installed outside – meeting the new UK guidelines on battery storage.

As a UK distributor for Skyline we hold stock in our UK based warehouse available for next day delivery across the UK.

Skyline Hybrid & AC Coupled Inverters


Hybrid & AC Coupled Inverters

Skyline S series single-phase hybrid inverter. This small unit is capable of powerful things;

  • Up to 9kWp PV input
  • AC power is settable from 3kW to 6kW
  • Up to 8 inverters can be connected in parallel
  • In case of off-grid, the backup AC output provides the same 100% full power as the on-grid state
  • Built-in EPS function
  • DC and AC coupled applications, which makes it ready for new and retrofit projects
  • Fully compatible with SkyBatt LFP battery to make an all-in-one or standalone Energy Storage System
  • Wi-fi capable with access to the portal

An installation video for the Skyline EcoBoost range can be found here; Installation Video.

Skyline SkyBatt Battery


SkyBatt Battery

SkyBatt L5 is a low-voltage-architecture-based battery storage using Lithium-ion (LFP) technology. Each battery pack is 5 kWh and up to 6 battery packs can be connected in parallel, giving 30kWh battery storage.

  • Optimized charging curve increases battery life by 10%
  • 8000-cycle Lithium-ion (LFP) battery to provide a long life cycle
  • Fully compatible with the hybrid inverters of Skyline, Victron, Solis, Goodwe, Deye, Growatt and Megarevo
  • Low-voltage-architecture-based Lithium-ion (LFP) battery to keep the home safe. A built in fire extinguisher adds an extra level of protection
  • SkyBatt L5 offers an optional built-in heater for use in cold weather(below 0℃)
  • Skyline provides a 10-year product warranty for our battery
Skyline All-In-One Stack


All-In-One Stack

A key benefit of the Skyline ESS system is its ability to stack as an all-in-one unit. Up to 3 batteries can be stacked ontop of each other with the electrical connection box and inverter.

Additional stacks can be connected using the Skyline 15kWh accessory pack which includes a plinth, extended cables, and top cover.

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