DIY SOS 1.1kW case study

In 2017 we were pleased to be able to assist the BBC DIY SOS Team with a Big Build project in Yapton, West Sussex.

Nick Knowles and the team came to the aid of Amanda and her family, who need their home to be wheelchair-friendly following Amanda’s bicycle accident.

Amanda, mother of four and wife to local builder Vic, was training on her bicycle for an iron man when her brakes failed on Bury Hill, West Sussex. Travelling at 40 mph, she lost control and smashed into a signpost which catapulted her into bushes. The enormous impact meant Amanda broke 11 bones, punctured a lung and snapped her collarbone and her back. In vast pain, Amanda lay there motionless and described the sensation ‘like my spinal fluid was leaking from my body’. It was two hours before Amanda was found by another cyclist. On arrival at A&E, she was told that she had been left paralysed. After two grueling 12-hour back operations, she returned home in a wheelchair. Her home was now unsuitable, so that is where the DIY SOS volunteers come to the family’s rescue.

As part of the huge project to we provided a free 1.1kW Solar PV System to help offset the electricity bills, and earn them money through the Governments FIT (Feed In Tariff) incentive.

The array was installed using the stylish all black JA 280W Solar Modules, our TRIC on roof Mounting system, APS Microinverters, and connected through a Matt:e PV connection unit. Becuase space in the property was at a premium we didn’t want to take up any more room than we had to. Using microinveters removed the need for a string inverter in the house, as well as additional isolators, wiring and electrical parts.

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