Ferring 15kW case study

System Size; 14.95kW

Projected annual generation; 15278kWh

Projected annual Co2 Savings; 7061kg

Projected energy savings; £2062

Projected export income; N/A

Projected annual savings; £2062


This project once again saw us working alongside local solar company Sunstore. We were asked to install a solar PV system on the roof of a new café at Ferring Country Centre & Dales Farm. As the roof was a new trapezoidal sheet metal roof it was perfect for our TRIC TR Fix mounting solution. These are small sections of rail which are stitched directly to the sheet metal roof. The panels used on this installation were 46 of the JA 325w black frame module, these are a tier one module with great performance ratings. To keep the installation looking neat the cables were dropped straight through the roof into the plant room where the inverter was being installed. The cable entry was made watertight using a Deks cable entry tile for metal roof structures.
A Fronius inverter was used for convert the arrays DC energy into AC for use in the building. Fronius inverters are capable of handing high voltages so the array was split into only 3 strings. To keep costs down the inverter is a 10kW three phase unit. This meant no G99 application was needed.

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