Sethi Steel 100kW case study

The first of our international installation projects, a steel works in Ghana, Africa.

In the planning phase of this project full UK based support was given in designing a full renewables system suited to the climate and project application. Export services were provided as well as purchasing a registering a shipping container for further use as storage at the installation phase. Our UK based technical team travelled to Ghana to conduct a site visit, ensuring the building was suitable for Solar as well as meeting with our customer to build a good working relationship. In addition to the technical support full financial support was given in the form of a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) for 50kWs of the 100kW system.

Once the goods had been delivered our UK team once again travelled to Ghana to provide full product and installation training for our partners in Africa.

The system was installed as 2 50kW arrays on one roof using JA Solar modules and our TRIC TR Fix trapezoidal mounting for steel roofs. Leaving the team to install the job whilst providing UK support where needed.

Once the installation phase was complete our UK directors and technical team flew out to commission the Kaco 50kW inverters, and assist with the grid connection. We were also invited to the official ‘turn on’ of the system, attended by the directors of the steel works and the Ghana Energy Commissioner.

Full aftercare and monitoring is provided from our UK based offices in Sidlesham, state of the art international monitoring is provided by Orsis, allowing us to see in real time what the array is doing. Thanks to the huge success of this project further international projects have been won, both for our customer who wanted to increase his solar generation but also with other projects throughout Ghana.

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