Ohme OLEV Wall Chager


OLEV Wall Chager

New to Wagner Renewables, available to pre-order.

Ohme EV chargers are intelligent chargers designed to save you money and improve your ‘green score’.

The Ohme Wall Charger is a great partner for any electric vehicle. Ohme will automatically choose the cheapest available electricity to save the user money. The charger can also be set up through the Ohme app to charge your vehicle when the grid is at its greenest.
The wall charger is designed for fixed installation and is OLEV approved and allows for the user to apply for the Homecharge Grant. Ohme chargers are tethered and available in either Type 1 or Type 2, with its fast charge capability is can charge at 32A/ 7.4kW (around 25miles per hour). Cable length is 5 meters.

The charger includes RCD, and comes with a pre-installed SIM card with 3G /4G connectivity, this also allows for easy installation and set up.