Our passion for fighting climate change.

We’re passionate about our climate. It’s a key part of why we push and drive forward a future powered by renewable energy.

Some of you may have seen a programme on BBC featuring everyone’s favourite national legend Sir David Attenborough. It’s a programme all about climate change, based on facts. We wanted to share it with you.

We believe that renewable energy is just one way of making a difference. Just imagine how much CO2 would be saved if every house and commercial building had solar installed, that’s a huge amount of fossil fuel that wouldn’t need to be burnt in order to power homes and businesses.

Obviously we talk about solar a lot…its the core of our business, but other renewable sources, both large scale and small scale all play a part in producing clean energy. These include wind, biomass, and hydro.

Everyone can play their part in battling climate change. Small changes can make a big difference;

  • Consider changing your lighting to LED bulbs, these last much longer than conventional lightbulbs, and use much less electricity
  • Turn your heating down, even by just a few degrees, today’s report (published 2nd May 2019) suggested turning the thermostat down to 19C
  • Eat less red meat
  • Make sure you’re separating your waste correctly
  • Walk more, cut down on using your car, or take public transport. The reports also suggests taking the train rather than flying

The full report can be found here; CCC – Net Zero.
BBC News has summarised the report, see the story here; BBC: UK can cut CO2.

Whether your believe in climate change (we do!), or not, it’s real and its happening and now is our time to do something about it!

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