National Tree Week

This week is National Tree Week. A time to celebrate the quiet giants that grow all around us.

Much like solar trees harvest the light from The Sun and turns it into energy. A true miracle of nature. National Tree will is the UKs largest celebration of trees to mark the start of the tree planting season.

Grow a Tree in ’23

This years theme of National Tree Week is Grow a Tree in ’23. This special year marks the 50th anniversary of Grow a Tree in ’73, from which National Tree Week was born. To mark this the Tree Council is encouraging people to host a tree party!

Get your friends together for a tree themed event, and ether plant some tree seeds together, or plant out some saplings. Many tree seeds can be found online, or from local garden centres. Here at Wagner Renewables we also have tree seeds which we’ll be giving away for free until the 8th of December, so feel free to pop in and pick a tree to grow.

The National Forest has put together a handy guide on how to plant, and nurture a tree in your garden: Read about it here: Rooting for Change, a simple guide.

Planting for the future

As well as our team planting a range of different tree seeds, we have also been investing in a greener future. This year we have dedicated 163 trees thanks to our customers choosing us to install solar PV.

These trees form part of The National Forest, a scheme to re-forest, and re-wild a 200 square mile area of the Midlands, in the heart of the UK. This charity has been working to plant trees, look after the forest, and educate the next generation for over 30 years. This is more than just planting trees though, they want to make the forests as accessible for as many people as possible. Allowing people to visit the woodlands to be closer to nature. So far over 9 million trees have been planted!

The charity relies on donations, and tree dedications to grow. If you can’t plant your own tree during National Tree Week, why not consider having one planted for you in The National Forest? This webpage here allows you to choose your tree, and a certificate to show you have your own tree in the forest; Dedicate a tree.


If you want to learn more about National Tree Week visit the Tree Council’s website here; Here would will also find more blogs, and advice.

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