Roof top solar PV planning rules relaxed

Government announces changes to permitted development rights.

Currently homes a businesses need to apply for planning permission when installing on flat roofs. This can lead to sometimes lengthy delays in the process of having solar PV installed.

Following lobbying by the industry the Government has announced changes to the permitted development rights, broadening these to allow for more solar PV deployment.

What are the changes?

These changes will allow those with flat roofs to install solar PV without the need for planning permission. As part of this scope the limit of 1MW (megawatt) has also been removed allowing large scale solar PV to be installed easier.

It is hoped that removing the costs and delays incurred by applying for planning permission will encourage more people to have solar PV installed. This is especially prevalent for larger buildings such as factories and warehouses.

A Government minister claimed that “By cutting red-tape in the planning system we can make sure homeowners and businesses can install solar panels without being held up by costly delays”.

The move has been supported by the industry with many praising the governments response to this issue, making it easier and quicker for installers to deploy roof top solar PV. Mark Osborne, Director at Wagner Renewables supports the move “This is a great move for the industry. The government making small changes like this can have a big impact on our ability to install solar PV. Removing road blocks such as planning helps us to push solar PV reducing societies reliance on the national grid.”

Reducing the amount of energy taken from the national grid cuts fossil fuel usage, this helps us move closer to hitting our Net Zero goals.

In some areas permitted development rights may still be subject to conditions. These include areas of outstanding natural beauty, National Parks, and Conservation Zones.

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