Wind power!

Introducing our latest off-grid solution! Windchargers.

As well as harvesting the power of the sun, we’ve decided to get in on some wind action too. Partnering up with Marlec Engineering we now have a range of Rutland windchargers for off-grid power needs.

Marlec’s range of windchargers are designed specifically as a solution for micro-scale off-grid power applications. Already very popular within the marine and leisure industry, these small wind turbines are great for remote locations where a grid source isn’t available or would prove too costly to put the infrastructure in for a supply.
Using the control systems that Marlec have created the windchargers can also be coupled with solar PV to ensure a reliable power source.

Typical commercial uses include power for:

  • Remote cameras
  • Monitoring equipment
  • Weather stations
  • Traffic signs or road/rail side equipment

Leisure applications include:

  • Cruising yachts – both long distance and coastal cruisers
  • Off-grid holiday cabins
  • Static and touring caravans

The windchargers generate power which runs into a small control box and then into batteries to store the power for when it is needed. Marlec manufacture a range of different sized turbines, from the small Rutland 504 through to the Rutland 1200, various mounting kits are also available whether it’s a deck mounted turbine on the back of a sailing yacht, through to large poles with the room for a solar panel, and batteries all as one unit, to be mounted miles away from the nearest town or village.
Our technical engineers can assist you in sizing the right turbine, control, mounting solution and batteries for your application. For more information on windchargers, or for a quote get in touch with one of the team.

Wagner windchargers flyer.

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