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Marlec announces iBoost+ battery compatibility with new feature.

Solar iBoost+ announces battery compatibility with the addition of a new feature.

New Cut-In Threshold Programming Feature
Marlec Engineering have added a new programming feature to Solar iBoost+ enabling the installer to raise the 100W default cut-in incrementally up to a maximum of 500W.

When is this needed?
Marlecs research of battery systems found that most have a <100W cut-in and therefore work in harmony with Solar iBoost+ straight out of the box. A small number of battery systems have a higher threshold or can’t be re-programmed.  In such cases the latest Solar iBoost+ gives the installer the flexibility to prioritise which device takes the excess energy first by adjusting the Solar iBoost+ cut-in higher or lower than the battery.

What about my existing Solar iBoost+ installation?
A simple retro-fit Sender 250 is available for householders adding battery systems to an existing installation. The drop in replacement Sender operates at a fixed cut-in of 250W of export and will be available to purchase from May 2019.


For more information or for technical queries please contact the team on 01243 641830.

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