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Wagner Renewables Joins Flexi Orb

As part of our continued review of accreditations we have signed up to registration body Flexi Orb.

Flexi Orb is a registration scheme very similar to the current MCS Scheme. It is there to ensure consumer protection.


The Flexible Energy Oversight Registration Body (Flexi-Orb) delivers the safe and controlled sale, deployment, decommissioning and recycling of energy saving, generating and storing products (such as solar PV, insulation, boilers, energy storage, heat pumps, electric vehicle energy storage, EV charging points etc).

Alongside this, Flexi-Orb is delivering oversight data (through its Flexible Energy Register) and regulatory support to ensure consumers are protected and also to enable true interoperability, working towards achieving a decentralised, flexible, zero carbon, low-cost energy network.

Flexi-Orb enables the smooth transition to a flexible energy network by providing real safeguards to participants (especially consumers, who are at the heart of everything we do).


Currently all of our installations will still be registered with MCS but some will also be registered with Flexi Orb as we run the systems side-by-side.

We are always striving to be the best. Ensuring that all of our installations meet the highest levels of workmanship and comply with all the latest standards is at the core of what we do. Part of this includes membership of certifying, and regulatory bodies. Currently we are certified by NAPIT, Checkatrade, MCS, HIES, and now also Flexi Orb this is alongside other memberships of national scheme and bodies.

A key feature of Fexi Orb is their voluntary battery storage registration scheme. All of our battery storage systems installed from July onwards will be registered with Flexi Orb, consumers will receive a certificate showing this.

Mark Wells, Installation Manager said “Battery storage has become a key part of a renewables system; allowing consumers to store the energy they produce brings down the payback periods of a solar PV/ storage combined system considerably. Flexi Orbs registration scheme for storage is leading the way in this growing sector of renewables industry. Increasing consumer protection and trust within the storage market.”

For more information on the Flexi Orb scheme you can see their website here; https://www.flexi-orb.com/
More information about our other accreditations can be found on our website.

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